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Ksh 500 airtime

Daily auctions

Registration  Ksh 20

Minimum bid Ksh 20

Bid Now!!

Dial *365*22#

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Dial *365*22#

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Samsung A20s

Registration Ksh 150

Minimum bid Ksh 150

d.light X850 Solar System 

Bidding starts October 1st

Registration Ksh 150

Minimum bid Ksh 500


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To participate in an auction


Dial *365*22# on your phone and follow the prompts.


Every auction has a registration fee of between Ksh10 and Ksh150, depending on the item you choose. This administrative fee allows eMinada to register your phone info for the auction. The system automatically prompts you to authorize the registration fee from your MPESA once you have confirmed your participation and bid amount. You only need to have enough balance on MPESA to cover the registration. You can participate in as many auctions simultaneously but can only bid once for the duration of an auction.

After you have placed your bid, a confirmation text will be sent to you with an ID for the auction you’ve registered to participate in. At the end of the auction, all participants in the auction will be notified via text message informing them of the outcome. The successful bidder will be notified by text and a phone call and their successful bid amount will then be due. Upon notification, the successful bidder will have twenty-four (24) hours to make payment otherwise the next highest bidder will automatically be selected as the successful bidder of the auction.


  1. eMinada never holds your bid amount and it’s only due upon you being declared the successful auction bidder.  

  2. Do not send any money to anyone; you will be notified if you are the successful bidder by WiGoPay via sms and a phone call.

  3. Money should only be sent via MPESA to the official eMinada portal powered by WiGoPay. Instructions will be sent by sms powered by WiGoPay.

How to claim your product(s) as successful/qualified participant at end of auction;


  1. You will receive an SMS from eMinada congratulating you on your successful bid asking you to dial *365*22*10#

  2. Next enter the auction ID (Axxx)

  3. MPESA will prompt you to enter your PIN to pay the bid amount you placed for the product.

  4. Alternatively you can pay via the eMinada paybill number; 787055, account is the auction ID (Axxx)

  5. WiGoPay is the payment gateway for eMinada.

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To bid dial: *365*22#